Whatever the diagnosis is, we get it, but are not defined by it. 

This site is to bring awareness to persons with special needs and their caregivers.  Similar to a police officer, an EMT or a fire fighter, the caregiver wears a badge to identify themselves. Our community is growing, using the badge as the introduction, we invite others to learn more and walk on with us now. 


the badge

You care for someone with special needs; identify your role by using this badge.  Currently I am working with the vendor on a prototype.  I used this picture because it is how I view our community.  Tight knit, loyal and working together.

This would visibly identify you and your possible need for extra help.  It would potentially allow you to help another special needs caregiver, whatever that help would be.

Below the link takes you to the products page where we will load the badge as soon as possible

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the intent

Photo Credit: Tonya Wagoner

Photo Credit: Tonya Wagoner

Ever been in public caring for someone with special needs and they have a full on melt down?  Ever avoided eye contact from others or looked those others straight in the eye and dared them to speak?  Yeah, us too. 

With this badge, if you see each other in public in distress, you touch your badge, it's symbolic.  No words are needed, it's a show of strength and no-judgement support.  The other person can acknowledge your offer however they want.  Simply standing with them and not speaking is enough.   Take their direction, you know just the same as everyone else, we all have different needs and wants when we or someone we care about is in distress.

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the hope

My hope is that we use the badge as a tool to tie our community.  The badge is the beginning.  We stand together and firm in our challenging but vastly rewarding journey.  This is an extreme lifestyle and regardless of how you question yourself, you are enough.  You exist separate from the person you care for, and you are not alone.  We are a growing community and we are not sitting on the side lines.  We participate together, with each other, with the ones we love in the world around us.

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